Seema Raja (Tamil)

Seema Raja (Tamil)

Watch Free Seema Raja Tamil Movierulz Gomovies Movies The heir of a royal family tries to save his land and villagers from a greedy man. The film begins outlining the sour relationship between the two villages, Singampatti and Puliyampatti. Seema Raja (Sivakarthikeyan) is a jobless youth from Singampatti, born in a family with a long lineage of brave people; the main one being King Kadambavel (Sivakarthikeyan). He does good things in the village for likes on Facebook and pays other villagers to treat him with respect. He hangs around with his sidekick/accountant Kannaku (Soori). The principal from a nearby school invites Seema Raja’s father Ariya Raja (Napoleon) to the awards ceremony at the school. However, due to his father’s busy schedule, Seema Raja offers to go instead. Here, he meets Sunthanthira Selvi (Samantha Akkineni), a sports teacher and Silambam expert, and immediately falls in love with her. He then goes around following her, trying to court her.


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